Appointment Colors

Simpatico has a system-wide Appointment Color Code system that is based on the Client’s Appointment Status.

Pending appointments will show in Ivory.

Checked-in appointments will show in Green.

No Showed appointments will show in Red.

This is not a configurable element within Simpatico.


Appointment Borders

The client configurable element of the calendar display is a border box around appointments. Companies can customize their list of appointment types (examples are: New Client, Consult, Returning Client, Training, etc). Appointment types can also have border colors associated with them, so that, for example, all New Client appointments (regardless of their appointment status) will have a green border around the appointment block on the calendar, while all Returning Clients would have a blue border. Other appointment types can be left with no borders, thus helping to highlight or call out something important about the appointments with borders.

Available border colors are:










Please let CAVU Support know if you would like to add borders to any of your appointment types!