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Missed Appointment Charges

As outlined in our post about Updating Appointment Statuses, Simpatico’s Appointment Calendar allows you the option to charge clients a No Show or Cancellation fee*. After selecting a Reason for the Cancellation or No Show, users will opt to have a “Charge” or “No Charge” for the Missed Visit. Clicking “Charge” will generate a visit..

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Updating Your Simpatico Password

Resetting your password in Simpatico is a great best practice to maintain account security. This process is both quick and simple within your User Configuration settings.   From your Menu Navigation Bar, select Admin, then “Configuration.”     The¬†User Config tab allows you to modify personal settings for your User Account. To modify your Password,..

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Enhancing Check-In Through The App

So, you’ve moved beyond just navigating through the calendar to see today’s schedule. You’re ready to get a bit more out of the app by tracking notes, scheduling tasks, and maybe even accepting a payment! From the calendar, tap on any client’s name on the schedule to open the¬†Appointment Detail window. This window shows you..

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