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Updating Appointment Status

Updating an Appointment (Check-in, Cancel, No Show) Updating the status of appointments allows all users to see client appointment status at a glance, and also makes this information available for reporting purposes To update an appointment’s status on the Appointment Calendar, right click on the appointment. A status menu will populate:   Open “Open” will allow..

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Updating Your Simpatico Password

Resetting your password in Simpatico is a great best practice to maintain account security. This process is both quick and simple within your User Configuration settings.   From your Menu Navigation Bar, select Admin, then “Configuration.”     The User Config tab allows you to modify personal settings for your User Account. To modify your Password,..

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Unlocking Task Management

  With our latest release, Simpatico has unlocked Task Management for Supervisors. As you already know, when a User Group is created in Simpatico, the Supervisor of that group becomes the recipient of all Time Off Requests for the Employees listed within that group. The User Group functionality has been enhanced, and Supervisors of a User Group will now also..

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