Simpatico utilizes a one-hour timeout system.

After 1 hour of inactivity in the system, you will be prompted to continue working; if this prompt is not clicked, you will be auto-logged out.


A note on multiple open tabs/windows:

If you have multiple tabs/windows open for Simpatico, and you log out of one window, every other open tab is instantly logged out, as well. As a best practice, if you log out of Simpatico in any window/tab, you should immediately close any other open Simpatico windows, because they are now also logged out.


On a similar note, if you have multiple tabs open, but you are only actively working in one tab, your inactive tab/window will time out after 1 hour, likely kicking you out of the active tab you are working within. For this reason, we recommend utilizing Simpatico in only one open window/tab when possible.